Oz Comic-Con and Continuum 2019

With my last assignment for my degree due to be submitted at the end of May I started putting a little thought into what I’d do to celebrate. Getting a degree is a big achievement for anyone and I’m no different to anyone else. I wanted to celebrate. With the Convention finished and the end […]

Deep breath – ten years!

Hello and hello! In all the fun and games to do with the Seventh Australian Discworld Convention a week and a half ago, followed by the upheaval of Passover I completely forgot to write for my blog. I shouldn’t have forgotten, Monday this week was the tenth anniversary of me starting my writing journey. I […]

Pensive sitting

I was going to write about the book I’ve just finished. Then I stopped and thought how I would normally write about what I’m doing next weekend. It’s a tradition of mine to write about the Australian Discworld Convention at some stage of the game, whether before or after. Today I’ve decided to write about […]

Good Reading June 2015

Yes, it’s a magazine. Yes, it’s slightly old. But it’s writing and about books so it’s not out of date. Not like the bottle of Passata I have in my dining room. I don’t quite know how to throw that bottle out, I really need to deal with it. In the meantime I’m going to […]

England and Wales

I’ve made up my mind to get back to scribbling about books next week, this means this is the last about my travels. If you want to read more just ask and I’ll reconsider based on your request. We flew into Heathrow and took the train out to Paddington Station where they have Welcome to […]

There are times…

when I really wish I lived in the northern hemisphere. Things happen over there in the book world that either don’t happen here or they’re just bigger. I’m only jealous. If you’re wondering what I’m annoyed about now then you can wander over to your Twitter account and put #TheBookCon into the search engine there. […]

Paratalk or torque?

My new column, with a title that somehow makes sense. From now on until I stop I will be examining a paragraph in whatever detail I choose. This is also a good time for guests to pop in and do their own paragraph. Today’s paragraph is coming from a location that I’ll reveal in my […]

Following the SPN Conference 2018

As you should know by now I love attending or volunteering at conventions and conferences, while it makes little difference what the subject matter is I do prefer the topic to be about books in some way. In November I was invited to volunteer at the Small Press Network Conference. I spent a few words […]

Going through photos

I’m going through photos to try and decide what to write about today. I’ve decided you’re going to get a random selection of photos. First up is a picture I took in Adelaide. It was while on a break I took during the Sixth Australian Discworld Convention. We were in Westlakes and there was a […]

Conventions. Conferences. Great fun!

This is an article that was supposed to be published on the 17th November 2017. I have no idea why it didn’t happen but as it’s still relevant so I’m publishing today instead. Today I had my first stint volunteering at the Small Press Network Conference. It happens every year and last year was my […]