Homeland Lost – Ale Liubinas

I’ve read a number of memoirs written by Jews about their life during the Holocaust, how they survived and how they rebuilt their lives afterwards but this is the first book I’ve read from a non-Jewish viewpoint. Liubinas was born in Lithuania and fled with her family from the Russians to the West. They had […]

Important or not?

It’s almost July and I’m watching from the sidelines as someone else has the experience you never want to have. I’m not going to reveal names or anything else other than to say she’s going well. It’s been a bit of a shock and has made many of us stop and take stock of our […]

Health sometimes takes precedence

I wasn’t going to write again until after the website goes live on the 1st July. Unfortunately it’s been a bad week and I’m recovering from a migraine last night which put me out of action and is making it challenging to do important stuff. I don’t like complaining about my health here as I […]

Fuming, totally fuming…

I’ve been looking at my time recently and wondering when I’d next have the time to write. I’m in the middle of an article I’m writing for someone else and I have to finish that so I can get paid. I have a plethora of books going from my To Be Read pile into my […]

Respect for Animals

There’s been a lot of debate since the 4 Corners programme on the abbatoirs in Indonesia. I haven’t seen the programme and have no intention of doing so as I’ve been told it’s quite graphic and disturbing. I had a discussion on Twitter yesterday and I hope I didn’t offend him. He told me this […]

The book industry in Australia

I’m not actually certain if that’s a good heading for this, it’s going to be a general rant with no particular theme in mind. I’ve been catching up on some goings on in the industry in some forums and reading what other people have to say. It’s going to be an interesting time and I […]

Update and question

Yes, I know, another update…boring. As I mentioned in the Retro Reading newsletter things are going well with the new website. I’m finally at the stage of being able to upload books and bring in articles from the old blog. It’s going fairly well and reasonably fast and I’d love to estimate a date when […]

Let them eat cake!

Saturday night I took my family to the St Kilda Film Festival. They’ve been showing Australia’s 100 Top Short Films. The Little Bookroom happened to mention they were going to this particular session to see a book turned into a movie. I knew I had to see this particular movie. Based on the book There’s […]

The Fallen Blade – Jon Courtenay Grimwood

This is the first book in The Assassini series and I’m waiting rather impatiently for the next one. Set in “Venice in 1407 where the city’s rulers command the seas and dictate the law, yet they fear assassins more deadly than their own, and their canals running red with blood.” It’s a fabulous story with […]