Virginia 2019

Visiting a nephew in Virginia and the family took us to a library. I think it’s the John Musante Porter Memorial Branch. If you’re ever there you should go in have a wander.

I got very excited and had fun. Saw this drop off place in the carpark. I’ve never seen a drop off place so far from the library building before.

Audio visual drop off

Found myself near some cookbooks so I took a photo. I’m not quite sure how a kitchen could get drunk but I’m happy to give it the benefit of the doubt. I do hope that a drunk kitchen doesn’t do what my griller did tonight, I feel I might need a new stove.


Loved this display. Yes, the weather was rather hot and this display was quite gorgeous.

Cool books for hot days

Some rather popular books. The Goosebump books have been around for ages but some of the others are rather newer. A good book will stand the test of time. With books, old doesn’t mean it’s bad. I do suggest that a glass of milk is bad when it’s old, but not a book.


The number of languages here caught my eye. I’m always impressed by people who know more than one language. I was listening to an interview on the radio the other day. They were talking about David Gulpilil, an Australian actor. He has fourteen languages, I feel so small with my one language.

Languages are important!

Last photo. Just a random table among the kids books. These laptops look to have been set up for people to use. A nearby table had activities you could do. They were laminated and came with appropriate markers and erasers.

What I wanted to show you was the children’s play area. It is in a separate room just behind me. There were lots of children playing or reading and I really don’t like taking photos of other people, let along their children.