The Last Book Store LA 2019

I was positive this would be my last travel post and next week I’d move back to talking about individual books. I made the mistake of looking at my photos for LA and discovered there are far, far too many for one article. LA is an amazing place. Don’t ignore La Brea Tar Pit, make sure to take some time there and do the tour. It’s well worth it. The Grammy Museum is also fun, especially if you’re a Back Street Boys fan.

We’ve been to LA before and didn’t want to repeat everything we did last time so I looked at some of the touristy-type materials. When I found we were walking distance from The Last Book Store we decided it was a good thing to visit.

The front of the shop, or rather, next to the front door.

Having gone through the front door we had to surrender our bags. It was a bagless shop! Security took good care of our bags and gave us a bulldog clip with the number 55 on it. Nice and easy to clip to my tshirt so I couldn’t lose it.

Front counter

Two images of the front counter and check out as I could not leave without having done this. I did not look at the titles as I’m sure I would have wanted some of them.

More front counter, just because I can

The next three images were in a separate room. It felt like going through a doorway into another world. First of all was this artwork on the wall and then the two photographs after this took me back to my childhood.

Beautiful artwork

I used to love the Jennings books by Anthony Buckeridge. Jennings and his friends were always getting into trouble at boarding school, they always meant well. Now I look at them and wonder if Jennings and Darbishire would be running England.

I used to love some Jennings and Darbishire

I never actually read the Wizard of Oz as a youngster. I loved the movie dearly and still hold some affection for it. I read the first book a few years ago when I had all fourteen books in my stock ready for selling. Found a good home for them when I abandoned selling pre-loved books online to study at university.

Did you know there were fourteen Wizard of Oz books?

Couldn’t get a good photo of the comics room. Too many people around to be able to do this area properly. It was sort-of a separate room, except you could see over the partition leading from the main book shop.


I love young adult books. Many of them are so well written they are hard to put down.

Loved the young adult shelves

And just as you think you’ve seen the entire shop you realise there are stairs. I wandered up the stairs and joined the people taking photos of this absolutely fabulous art installation. The photo does not do it justice. That scroll of paper you see down the middle is emerging from a typewriter.

This art installation was at the top of the stairs

There are various opportunities for photoshoots. And they were extremely well used. We could see signs asking people not to spend too long taking photos. People ignored these signs. I could imagine young lovers taking their wedding photos here. The odd angles I got show how hard it was to take photos without people.

Small tunnel

I have no idea how I got this one with special effects.

Small tunnel with added special effects

And then there’s the tunnel to more books. The next photo is more picturesque.

Outside of the large tunnel

Someone has had great fun putting this together and then fitting lights into it. I had to wait my turn to take my photo.

Inside the large tunnel with lighting

The fantasy and science fiction books are upstairs. It felt a lot like L-Space. Funnily enough that’s where I found the Pratchett books. The only one of these I didn’t have I didn’t want.

I found myself honour bound to photograph the Terry Pratchetts

I had to take this photo. I do know that sometimes interior designers will be asked to decorate everything to specific colours. This might include books. An interior designer friend once asked if I happened to able to fill some shelves with large white books. I wasn’t.

Colour coded!

This is obviously the recommended method of keeping your fantasy bookshelves in house. I’m sure if you don’t do this they’ll fly away.

How to anchor your fantasy