San Francisco 2019

We did a lot of walking in San Francisco. There were reasons for it. We have this theory about recovering from jetlag and it involves water, walking and sunshine. Our first day there I did over 22,000 steps. That’s steps, not metres or yards. My travelling companion has started to take notice when I want to see bookshops or libraries. This means we actually entered many bookshops and several libraries. I took photos where possible of the insides and where it wasn’t possible I took photos of the outside.

These first two photos are of a bookshop. We didn’t go in, I felt self-conscious.

We saw this library a couple of times. I love the building, and the trees outside are very pretty. Another book place we didn’t go into. I must stop being self-conscious.

This is one of the most gorgeous libraries I saw in the entire trip. Someone takes a great deal of care of it. You can see how the books are well protected from the weather.

And for something slightly different I took a photo of a book bindery. I thought it important. Now I wish I’d gone in, had a discussion and left them my business card.