Cleveland 2019

I loved Cleveland. This is where the conference was held. The organisers had booked out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for us for one night. Needless to say we went and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I’ve not included any photos of it here but I have plenty. The exhibitions included the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, I managed to talk to someone who had actually been there!

This first photo is just a little book that was carelessly lying around somewhere in the street. The people around didn’t try very hard to put it away tidily.

At one stage we went for a wander to see a market. Along the way we found this book shop.

Yes, the books were all stored horizontally. I quite liked the juxtaposition of Shada by Douglas Adams sitting on top of I Can Resist Anything Except Temptation by an author I cannot read. You can’t read it either on this image as I’ve reduced the quality for the web.

It’s challenging to get a general photo of a bookshop this big without people. I had to work hard at it. One lady popped behind the shelves on the right just before someone popped out from the shelves on the left. I really don’t like invading people’s privacy by putting their images up on my blog.

I loved these shelves with all the various parts of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Just a couple of copies.

And then there were audio books. When my kids were younger I searched high and low for audio books, they were very hard to come by. Now they are much easier and I don’t have to travel the length and breadth of Melbourne.

I wanted to bring this stamp home and free it from its life in the park in Cleveland. Sadly, I don’t think I could have fitted it on my shoulder.

The Cleveland Library was a magnificent building. It consists of the old building and the new building. They are separated by a little garden about the size of my block of land. It has good access from one building to the other via a tunnel underground making it a good place during winter. So much to see and I took very few photos there.

This photo is some of their music collections, it’s in a separate room.

We found a Maker Space. It’s a room full of extremely useful equipment that you can use to make things. I didn’t take photos but one lady was printing out some things she could stick on other things and then sell. I was impressed with her industriousness.

I had to take a photo of this Merriam Webster Dictionary. It has a special place in my heart.