Baltimore 2019

Here we are in Baltimore. Staying with family is great. They have small children and a good routine. We didn’t interrupt this routine, instead visited the library with them. They went for story time so we got to join in the fun. And it was fun!

It’s been a long time since story time at the library for me and I could never get myself in gear regularly to get there much so I enjoyed myself immensely. The lady in charge reminded us of the rules which included no photos which might explain why there are no photos of it, although I’m generally careful with the photos I share here as I don’t want to breach other people’s privacy. Maybe I could have taken a photo of the empty room, but what would be the point.

I also wandered round taking photos and talking to the librarian to make sure they knew I wasn’t too creepy. I also explained to one parent what I was doing and showed her the photo that had just a smidgeon of her child’s leg, ignore the fact that you can’t really tell it’s a leg and that I’ve not included the photo here.

Pikesville Library, Baltimore County Public Library
Reservations shelves
Audio books
Random table with books. Taken because it’s a nice table
Shelf under table. Taken for no apparent reason, I think I’ve forgotten
End shelf. I’m sure I had a reason for taking this
This was some new-fangled hopscotch on the floor. I liked it as it gives the children a way to get their bodies moving
The Barnes & Noble shop. I declined a visit to this shop as I went to one last time we visited America.