With a Twist of a Nib – Karen Carlisle

With a Twist of the Nib: for when time is short by Karen Carlisle

I have this book for ‘free’ as I am a Patron of Karen Carlisle on Patreon. I love this website. It gives me the opportunity to support a local artist and have the money go directly to them. There are varying levels including the very basic costing $US1 per month up to the incredibly exclusive of $US100 per month. For your money you receive a number of freebies which you can then gloat about to your friends. I haven’t had time to even look at the freebies until recently, nor have I had time to gloat. This starts now.

This little book is an ebook and comes in the regulation different formats, sadly, it does not upload direct to my brain via psychic link. I was given a pdf to download onto my phone so I could enjoy the book anywhere I wished. And I did, eventually.

A word about the cover. Only a short word so you don’t get the impression that I love it a lot. I’m not sure whether it has something to do with the nib pen or the purple on the pen or the swirly bits but this cover just made me stop and look at it for a while.

Popping further into the book I find there are three main headings. Flash Fiction – under two minutes, Short Shorts – under five minutes and Long Shorts – under ten minutes and then there’s the Bonus Short – under fifteen minutes which is mentioned in the Contents page but not in the Introduction. That’s very sneaky, just when I was wondering if this would be a really short book Carlisle sneaks in an extra story. The time given is referring to the time it takes to read them. I’m a fast reader so I just assumed this would be wrong and I’d be finished much faster than the suggested times. I was wrong. I actually read the first story three times taking it to well above the suggested time of two minutes. Then I read the second story twice. And I’ve read both of them again just now instead of writing about them.

Do I suggest you support Carlisle on Patreon? Of course, I do. What a silly question that is. You’ll get little gems like this, early access to her blog posts and behind the scenes snapshots of what she’s currently working on.

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