The Lifted Brow 10th Birthday Issue, 33 March 2017

The Lifted Brow 10th Birthday Issue 33 March 2017

The Lifted Brow is an impressive magazine. The organisation itself is a non-profit literary publishing organisation based in Melbourne, Australia. They don’t worry too much about the money instead focussing on publishing work from the artistic and/or demographic margins. They’ve been doing this since 2007. It’s full of excellently written articles. Reading through this 10th birthday issue magazine I sat spellbound by the fabulous writing, some times I was in tears at some of the stories.

You can still buy this issue from their website, I’d let your credit card go to town and buy some other magazines or books as well. To give you an idea of some of the stories you can read about I’ll open at random and scribble some words.

Drowning by Agri Ismaïl is heartbreaking. It talks about the refugees moving from their country to a country of refugee via boat. So many times they don’t make it and drown. This article gives some statistics but also gives some idea of how many people and how many overturned boats are just ignored and swept under the rug.

On Digestion by Doug Paul Case talks a little about constipation. I found myself in agreement with much of this but when he made the connection to gay sex I couldn’t agree. It’s hard to agree when he’s male and I’m not, I don’t have the problems with sex that arise when you’re male and gay.

On Being Licked by Various Animals by Harry Saddler tells you what he’s writing about in the title. It’s fun and much more lighthearted than either of the two I’ve mentioned so far. Try being licked by a cat, or a dog, or even a snake. Then read this article.

But that’s enough for today. I was going to write this last week but my life went mad and uni starts again this afternoon.