Spinifex Press Anniversary Catalogue 1991 – 2016

Published by Spinifex Press

The first article in my series about the magazines I’ve been reading. I don’t have any remembrance of where or when I got this but I found it really interesting. It’s what it says on the outside. It’s a catalogue of their publications over a 25 year period. As with every catalogue it has all the useful information. The name of the publication, name of authors or editors, a description of the work and then some extracts from reviews. I’ve not sat down and read this many book descriptions in one go before, it was fun.

Spinifex Press focus on feminist and literary publishing. I wanted to make it through to the end of this catalogue without marking a single book to put on my To Be Read Pile. I didn’t succeed. In order to remember these books I’m going to write them here. The reason is because want to give the magazine to a friend, she doesn’t know it yet but will this week.

Spinifex Press Anniversary Catalogue 1991 – 2016

Enough by Patricia Hughes – about domestic violence

Haifa Fragments: A Novel by Khulud Khamis – about intertwined cultures and relationships.

Invisible Women of Prehistory: Three Million Years of Peace, Six Thousand Years of War by Judy Foster with Marlene Derlet – talks about women in history and what they’ve done

Making Peace with the Earth: Beyond Resource, Land and Food Wars by Vandana Shiva – learning how to live in a sustainable world

My Grandmother: A Memoir by Fethiye Çetin – about family stories and secrets

Paid For: My Journey Through Prostitution by Rachel Moran – talks about the prostitution industry in Ireland

The Peaceful Army edited by Flora Eldershaw – this is a series of essays on Australian women by Australian women

Safe Houses by Rose Zwi – the story of three families who are intertwined. Helps understand Apartheid in South Africa

Seed Sovereignty, Food Security: Women in the Vanguard by Vandana Shiva- Shiva talks about the threat to our food supply

The Subsistence Perspective: Beyond the Globalised Economy by Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen and Maria Mies – posing a radical alternative to the current free-market industrial system

Surviving Peace: A Political Memoir by Olivera Simić – how do you pick up the pieces of your life after fleeing your country due to war?

Trauma Trails, Recreating Song Lines: The Transgenerational Effects of Trauma in Indigenous Australia by Judy Atkinson – healing after white invasion

I don’t know if there’s a theme or thread here, but they all looked really interesting.