Lifeline Bookfair Canberra

Each year I’ve heard of the Lifeline Bookfair I’ve not been in a position to attend. This year was different. We had everything else booked so I spoke to a Discworld friend living in Canberra. Not only did she organise for a dinner specially for me at the best place but she also tantalised me by telling me the dates of the Lifeline Bookfair.

Tantalising indeed. It’s a fabulous bookfair. Held at the showgrounds in one big building, they take over three rooms. They fill each room with long trestle tables. This includes creating a wide aisle down the centre of the room with plenty of space between each table. They were chocablock with books. There were some CDs and some magazines, but mostly books. I was in heaven.

Lifeline externalHad to take an external photo so you get some idea of the size of the building. It’s a normal size showgrounds building. I seem to have cut off some of the outlying parts, though.

Lifeline first room

This is just part of one room. Each ‘table’ is made up of two sets of three or four trestle tables end to end. In this photo I can see five, possibly six of these on the left and there’s the same set up on the right. With plenty of aisle space so you rarely bump into anyone. Maybe early on in the first day you might.

Lifeline misc sorting

I’ve no idea why I’ve called this photo sorting. It’s not really, just another set of tables over by the wall. There was an identical setup in another room where they sorted books before taking the sorted books to the right tables.

Lifeline Paddington Bear

This was in a smaller room with the more expensive books in it. This photo is a whole table of Paddington Bear books. Some of the even more expensive books were behind glass. This room had its own attendants and you had to ask to handle the books behind glass.

Anyway, it is awesome. If you get a chance you must go there. Take bags, take plenty of time and be prepared to feel overwhelmed by the whole experience for a few minutes. And money, always take money. They do take credit card, but they don’t take psychic promissory notes, I know, I tried.