Bendigo and videos

I happen to have a little break from uni. While I have lots and lots of stuff to do with regard to the Discworld Convention and one or two million things to do with the book I’m writing and, and, and… I took some time to have a glance through some photos I have on my computer. I found the videos I took of the Grey-Headed Flying fox. I uploaded one of them last night. It’s not short at five and a half minutes and the lighting is a little ‘interesting’ as I took it on my android phone during dusk and dark was rapidly approaching.

It might be hard to see but what you’re looking at is the little bundles hanging from the tree. Some of them do start to move but I would have had to stay several more minutes. The dark was making filming more and challenging by the minute and I was getting cold.

I was standing behind a nice tall bollard, almost exactly the right height to let me prop my elbows on it and give good stability. Nice to know I was able to get something right.

And at my back, slightly diagonally away from me was a second hand bookshop. I loved this bookshop and have also found the photos I took of this shop.