Lost photos

I have been having issues with my phone over the past little while. There are two problems. The first is surmountable as the phone has decided it won’t charge the battery. I’ve managed to buy a little machine that will charge the battery outside the phone, it’s annoying but it works.

The other problem is one of photos. I totally understand that this is a problem only in my little world and won’t affect too many people. I’ve lost some photos from the little card that goes into my phone and provides more storage than I really need. We solved that one by buying a new card. In the meantime some of the photos on the old card were corrupted and I’ve lost them. While considering what I should write for today I remembered some photos I’d taken of Embiggen Books and ran a search. It turns out they were part of the batch of corrupted photos. One day I’ll have time to travel to the CBD and retake them but not for a few weeks.

But I do recognise that my problem is so much smaller than a problem I spotted in the news this week. Their dilemma is now solved thanks to the magic of social media so it’s a heartwarming story. You can read the story here. The summary is that a box of photos and memorabilia were left behind many years ago. The new resident of the house took them in and finally found the family. It’s a lovely story.