Heritage Trilogy: Bloodline – Alan Gold and Mike Jones

Heritage Trilogy: Bloodline – Alan Gold and Mike JonesBloodline (Heritage Trilogy, #1) by Alan Gold, Mike Jones
Published by Simon & Schuster Australia on November 1st 2013
Pages: 448

Two individuals from different countries but who share one ancestral bloodline race to thwart a terrorist plot in Jerusalem—the first heart-pounding book in a new epic trilogy that delves into the dark underbelly of the Holy City.

Bilal, a radicalized Palestinian youth, is promised paradise if he destroys the Western Wall. But his attempted terrorist attack fails and he finds himself in the hands of a young Jewish surgeon, Yael Cohen. After saving his life, Yael makes the startling discovery that her DNA and Bilal’s are nearly identical, sparking suspicion that their connection is greater than mere coincidence. Their search for answers soon puts them in the middle of a high-stakes international conspiracy—one that has its roots in the blood of thousands, and now threatens to spill the blood of thousands more.

Unknown to Bilal and Yael, theirs is the last chapter in a story that crosses millennia. Century after century, two ancient families—bloodline ancestors of Yael and Bilal—defied the power of corrupt kings and conquerors, fighting to forge an alliance and lasting peace. But through many years of secret dealings and war, kinships were shattered, dynasties fell apart, and evil gained a foothold. Now, in modern Israel, those same sinister forces are at work, stopping at nothing to take control of the Holy Land and silence anyone in their way. Through imprisonment, assassination attempts, and political machinations, Bilal and Yael must ultimately confront the truth of who they are. But is the common blood of two individuals enough to bring two enemy peoples together, and stave off the destruction that threatens them both?

Crossing borders, centuries, and battlegrounds, Bloodline is a thrilling, ultimately redemptive story taking place in the shadows of one of the oldest, most sacred cities in the world.

I’ve read Alan Gold before and found him a good read, this book was no different. Paired up with Mikes Jones Gold has produced a book which kept me spellbound. It’s set in Israel and opens us up to a whole new world of conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, I can see these theories actually making sense to some people. It calls for a twisted type of mind but those people are out there. I’m just hoping they never get into power.

What is so good about this book?

The way it ties up the past with the present. Gold and Jones have done their research and show us various events in the history of Israel. They’ve added in enough details to bring the history to life and to show us how it might have panned out. We’ve got the building of the First Temple by King Solomon and the many machinations surrounding the court of the King. We see the building of the Second Temple by King Herod and other machinations, along with that we see the size of King Herod’s thoughts and his grandiose schemes. At one point we also see a doctor get caught up in events.

How good is the research?

To answer that question I’m not going to go through the research. I’m just going to mention one little point. Just as he passes out Bilal (the ‘terrorist’) finds a little something which the doctor treating him takes to her grandfather for translation. It turns out to be a little seal from the First Temple. After I finished the book this little article came onto the internet. It talks about a little seal impression from the Governor of Jerusalem that was found near the Western Wall, roughly in the same place the Gold and Jones placed the seal in the book. Coincidence? I don’t think so, the article doesn’t mention when the seal impression was actually found and the book is only four years old.

Do I recommend it?

If you like conspiracy theory books then absolutely. If you like books set in Israel giving a sense of the history of the place then definitely. If you need a read for the plane, I certainly recommend it. And here’s the affiliate link in case you want to give me a few cents towards my next coffee. At that price I suggest you buy other books as well to make the postage worth while.

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