1st Annual Galactic Bowlarama

Something very exciting is happening next weekend. Some fan clubs in Melbourne are getting together for a friendly bowling ‘tournament’. I put that in quotation marks as it’s more about having fun than winning.

These are the clubs joining in:

  • Doctor Who Club of Victoria
  • Browncoats
  • Victorian Discworld Klatch
  • Austrek
  • Star Walking
  • USS Southern Cross
  • Spaced Out

If you want to join in the fun and you’re on Facebook then go here to join in the discussion. You can book using the Trybooking link to ensure your place whether you’re on Facebook or not.

Each club has it’s own particular focus. Most of them are self-explanatory such as Doctor Who Club of Victoria but others aren’t that easy to spot just by looking at this list. I suggest you book your place and come along to talk to us all and find your home away from home.  It’s kid friendly so bring your young science fiction or fantasy enthusiasts.

Cosplay is accepted but just think about the comfort of bowling while you’re all cosplayed up.