Randomly Shelves or Something

by Hugh Laurie, J. M. Coetzee

My brilliantly aptly named new series continues. Where I randomly select two books from my shelves and attempt to find a link. I do not promise it will be a good link, only that it will be a link. It might be anything at all. One thing I do promise is that the link will not be due to the books both containing words such as ‘and’ or ‘the’, although having said that it’d be really awesome to now find two books totally missing both of those words.

The books I chose last week were Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee and The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie. Stay tuned to find out if I’ve actually got a link.

The Books

Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee is a South African book written since the fall of apartheid. It details a white man who still believes he can do anything he wants and doesn’t understand when he does the wrong thing.

Disgrace by J M Coetzee

The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie is the story of a hired gun who goes soft and warns his intended victim. Having dipped into it again with some knowledge from uni I think I misjudged it the first time around.

The Gun Seller by Hugh Laurie

The Link

The link today is more in the reverse than the reality. Disgrace has a man who has absolutely no idea of where he is in the scheme of things due to the changes in apartheid while The Gun Seller has the exact opposite.

David Lurie is a lecturer at university and has an affair with a much younger student, this goes horribly wrong when the girl’s father complains. He refuses to repent publicly as he feels he’s done nothing wrong. Thomas Lang is a hired gun who can walk into a house and see the lay of the land with just a brief look around.

Next Week!

Next week but I’ll do my best or worst. We’ve got Thud by Terry Pratchett and New Zealand published by Lonely Planet. It will be another illustration of the randomness of my picks and I doubt I’ll manage to find a link apart from ‘they both have words’ and ‘they were both on my shelf’. This will be ‘interesting’.