Black Marks – Pete Aldin

Black Marks – Pete AldinBlack Marks by Pete Aldin
on April 1st 2017
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 302

Jake Brennan thought Detroit could hide him. He thought a werewolf's sins could be erased.
Now Jake's kind deeds have drawn the attention of his enemies. And he'll need to embrace his dark side to save the woman he loves.
If his dark side doesn't kill her first...

I love fantasy: werewolves, vampires, and other fantastical characters, generally make me happy although I’m not overly excited by zombies. So when Aldin let me have his book for review purposes I was excited and when I realised the werewolf was not in the same vein as Twilight I was very happy.

Jake Brennan is an unhappy young man, when he dies he wants to go to heaven instead of hell and he’s doing as many good things as possible to cancel out the bad things he’s done. Then he saves a doctor in more ways than one.

This is a rollicking story. I loved reading the medical stuff and to show the problem with silver and werewolves as an allergy makes so much sense. Anaphylaxis to silver opens up so many more storylines. Then seeing through the eyes of an emergency doctor to show how hard the job can be on an emotional level was so good I wish I’d read those bits again.

There is a lesson inside these pages. While I’m not too excited by the whole heaven/hell carrot/stick dichotomy I realise it does serve a purpose and putting this trope in there does give a decent backbone for the story as a whole. It makes it very easy to understand why Brennan wants to erase all those black marks and then you get to enjoy the story as a whole.

I’m looking to more with Brennan, or at the very least more by Aldin. And just because I think it’s good enough here’s a link to buy and give me a few cents in affiliate fees.

As with all werewolf novels I’ve read there is violence, swearing, blood (but part of it set in emergency, of course there’s blood).