Randomly Shelves or Something

by George Orwell, Kenneth Turan, Patty Duke

My brilliantly aptly named new series continues. Where I randomly select two books from my shelves and attempt to find a link. I do not promise it will be a good link, only that it will be a link. It might be anything at all. One thing I do promise is that the link will not be due to the books both containing words such as ‘and’ or ‘the’, although having said that it’d be really awesome to now find two books totally missing both of those words.

The books I chose last week were Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and Call Me Anna by Patty Duke. Stay tuned to find out if I’ve actually got a link.

The Books

1984 by George Orwell

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell could very well be the text being used by Trump right now as he denies things that have actually happened. If you haven’t read it then you should, it might take a while as you take breaks to recover but it’s important. While you’re reading books like this you might want to take a look at this very short list I wrote last Friday. It’s depressing to think that the systems that cause this have been around for so long.

Call Me Anna by Patty Duke and Kenneth Turan

Call Me Anna by Patty Duke and Kenneth Turan is the fascinating and depressing story of one of my most favourite actors of all time. I’ve linked to the very poorly written article I wrote about it three and a half years ago. The book makes much better reading than the article.


The Link

For me, the link is very obvious. It’s about creating a splintered personality. Call Me Anna illustrates how this is done on a personal level and 1984 shows how it can be done to a whole country.

Next Week!

Next week will be incredibly challenging but I’ll do my best or worst. We’ve got Skin Job by Bruce McCabe and Two Joans at the Abbey by E. J. Oxenham. Stay tuned to find out if I’ve actually got a link, with these two books if I find a link I’ll be celebrating.. I promise I’ll try to be entertaining.