Enough Rope 3 – Andrew Denton

Enough Rope 3 by Andrew Denton
Published by ABC Books - AU on November 1st 2005
Pages: 352

When he first started Enough Rope, Andrew Denton expressed the fear that he would wake up and see 'the yawning gap where his career used to be'. Now into its third year, Enough Rope is a highly acclaimed, award-winning program that is still as intelligent and provocative as ever. Andrew Denton's amicable spotlight has honed in on an eclectic array of celebrities, personalities, politicians, activists, artists, musicians and 'unsung' ordinary people, all with their own compelling stories to tell. Enough Rope 3 contains highlights from the 2005 season. It presents 25 noteworthy interviews including Peter Cundall, Jack thompson, Cate Blanchett, Geraldine Brooks, Stephen Page, Bob Geldof, Natalie Imbruglia, Michael Stipe, the three shearers and many more. Also included are the compelling show and tell segments along with contributions from members of the viewing public. Don't miss the behind the scenes information - some of the interviews and bloopers that didn't make it to the tV screens.

Enough Rope 3 by Andrew Denton

Here’s a classic for you. A really old book, all the way from 2005…the good old days.

Andrew Denton is the Interview King, it’s a real pity he’s stopped. He was fair, he was compassionate and often the questions came out of left-field giving us much more intimate answers than anyone else could have gotten. I particularly liked the times when he brought three people from a particular line of work and interviewed them. In this book you’ve got three priests and three driving instructors; who else would have thought that would be riveting?

Some of the people featured are Cate Blanchett, Leah Purcell, Wendy Harmer, Peter Cundall and one that stopped me in my tracks and made me pay attention was Rolf Harris. He was a performer and managed to perform to the hilt, I could see nothing of the problems that unfolded in the last couple of years. Then there’s the man who got his arm caught and describes how he got out alive and not quite intact, I was forewarned at the beginning of the chapter about who it was and didn’t read it.

Do I recommend it?

The question is more ‘how much do I recommend it?’ And the answer is very concise ‘heaps!’ I could rave about Denton and his interview technique, I could tell you at length how good this book is but I won’t as that’d take several weeks.

What is missing?

Things that you can’t put on paper. Things that are totally visual. You can plan them and you can write down what you want to happen but you can’t write down the magic that actually happens. Those bits have been left out, sadly. But I’m sure it’s possible to buy the DVD of the series so you can get all the goodness and watch Denton going slightly bald(ish).

Oh yes

The other thing Denton does is not hold back if swearing is necessary. There’s the odd word.