I found some new stuff!

It’s one of those really exciting days when I’m wondering what I’m going to talk about so I click on a link and it opens up a whole new world to me!

Here’s the link Pride and Prejudice and Zombies author sued by publisher. I spent a bit of time thinking about this and then clicked on the next link which happens to be the complaint as posted on the Publisher’s Marketplace and my jaw dropped.

Going back to the beginning, let’s have a look at the author sued by publisher. He’s the author of a book I still have yet to read but many of my friends rave about, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. He was given a contract for a vast sum of money for two new books. The first was delivered but he seems to have had issues with the second and the due date was pushed back by three years. When it was finally delivered Hachette decided it wasn’t original enough and so they’re suing Seth Grahame-Smith. I’m presuming they opened negotiations first and told him it wasn’t good enough, and that Grahame-Smith argued it was. I’m hoping their first discussions was not through the courts.

There’s the summary and I have nothing more to add. What really made me excited was when I looked at the url of the complaint


I’ve never heard of the Publisher’s Marketplace before so I copied the main bit of the url into another tab of my browser and my heart sang. Some of it free and open to the public and upon payment of a mere $25 (probably US) a month you can view so much more. I’m only looking at the free and open to the public bits. If I were still selling pre-loved books this would be one of those sites I’d be looking at on a weekly basis to find out the gossip and see which authors I’d need to be pushing to the front page to make a little more money and which I have issues with and I want to drop them entirely.

If you’re interested in the book industry and not just reading books have a look for yourself, I’ll be bookmarking this site.