Trimester 2

I feel like I’m pregnant again with all this talk of trimester 1, 2 and 3, and it could feel a bit like childbirth in 2019 when I finish and have a qualification but it’s just uni jargon and I need to wrap my head around so many new concepts so what’s one more in the general scheme of things? I am wondering if there’s one that breaks the brain and makes it impossible for the brain to imbibe any more concepts and maybe this is the one. I did leave Trimester 1 with a full brain so my thoughts are not entirely in jest.

The speed of learning at Uni is far faster than anything I’ve ever experienced before, even when I had kids I didn’t need to learn quite so fast or so much. Yes, I had to keep relearning as they got older but there were lots of breaks while they consolidated what they knew and I was able to do similarly. At school you have a subject broken down into smaller bits but each subject lasts a whole year. At Uni each subject lasts for 11 weeks and so you’ve got a whole year’s learning stuffed into 11 weeks. There’s a lot of self learning where you’re given the resources to learn from and some of it is discussed but some isn’t and you’re expected to go outside these resources and look at other documents. In other words, you’re taught how to learn, there’s no spoon feeding.

One of my subjects this trimester is Writing Spaces and part of that is learning where to be published to give us a portfolio or to add to our portfolio to make us more publishable in the future.

Another subject is From Horror to Romance and in this we’re talking about genre. Learning what the conventions are and how to circumvent them. I kept referring to Joss Whedon in class as he keeps doing this, he identifies the conventions of the genre he’s working with then takes them and does the opposite. The opening of this class was to introduce ourselves and tell each other a bit about our reading, I was pleasantly surprised to find I’m not the only eclectic reader in the class. I’ve always been the only one to read across genres and to get to a place where I’m the norm is just an awesome thing and I made note of that in my introduction.

Anyway, I feel like I’m at home. My classmates are awesome and ignore me pointing out I’m old. They’ve read many of the same books as me and they’ve also seen and agree with me about many of the same movies. I get quite distracted when in discussion and they need to keep bringing me back to the topic at hand. It’s a good thing someone can do that.

Yes, I’m rambling…could you tell?