Lots happening on the web today

If you’re a published author you’ll want to check out Blasty, it’s still in Beta format but as it’s trusted by Google it looks really promising. Basically, once you’ve signed up it works in the background as you can see in this article and notifies you if your book has potential copies floating around the web. I suggest you read the article thoroughly as some sites don’t actually have the books they just want you to sign up i.e. they’re phishing your details for nefarious purposes.

This is a little old but still relevant. The Harry Potter publisher was (and probably still is) trying to remove various pages from the web. Google has disallowed many of their attempts and some of them seem rather strange. The comments at the base of the article are rather fun.

I loved this article about Syria. I’ve seen Syria from a mountain in Israel. We were only a kilometre or two from the border and from what I saw the countries look no different, funny that as borders are generally rather arbitrary. Have a look at the article with some thoughts in mind. I’ve often wondered how people would cope after the collapse of civilisation and if they’d have the skills to grow their own food. Some people would but so many people have no idea about how to grow enough to eat or how to build things to make life easier, or how to make candles to see after dark. There’s only a certain amount of looting one can do before there’s nothing left to loot. Books are what can make the difference between survival and not. With books you have knowledge and information. That’s what they’re really collecting in this Syrian city. With knowledge and information they’re able to keep going. Look at the medical and dental information they’re able to use right now as many of the ‘doctors’ are actually volunteers.

Going back to the good old days when fiction was serialised. Not sure how people will cope now. We’re so used to getting everything so quickly thanks to the internet. It’ll be a good thing to watch and see how people respond.