V is for Valerie Volk

Passion Play: The Oberammergau tales by Valerie Volk

I’ve found some absolutely fascinating people for today but I’ve gone with Volk for the useless reason that she was born near where I live and she was born in the same suburb as Sandy Stone, Barry Humphries fictional character. But also because of the book of Volk’s I’ve linked to and I’ll come to that.

She has multiple degrees that make my mouth water including a Masters in Creative Writing and a PhD in Gifted Education. Volk is also living in Adelaide, the number of authors I know in that little place is growing exponentially…I suggest if you want to author you should move to Adelaide, there’s something in the water.

She’s travelled on the Trans-Siberian Railway twice and ridden a camel in Mongolia. Such an amazing life. What really brought her to my attention is the book, I’ve linked to it so you can buy and read should you choose.

I first learned of the passion play in Oberammergau in the Chalet School books. It’s a play that has been performed every tenth year since 1634 and while it’s been criticised as being anti-semitic that doesn’t detract from the enormity of the event. Here’s a link to more details. Volk’s book seems to be a mixture of Oberammergau and Canterbury Tales.

I promise I’m not mentioning how she writes for the Lutheran Church, that’d be telling.