S is for Taku Scrutton

Multicultural Me by Taku Scrutton

Today I’m celebrating multiculturalism alongside Taku Scrutton. She’s still young but has packed a lot into her young life.

Scrutton moved here from Zimbabwe at the tender age of 19, she came alone leaving behind parents and siblings. Since she came here in 2002 she’s carved out a niche for herself talking about how to become accepted. If you look at her website you’ll find she has a multitude of skills including public speaking and only added writing to her lengthy list of talents.

If her videos are anything to go by then I wish I could attend one of her talks, but, alas, Perth is so far away. The ones I’ve watched have cute cartoons and are poetry.

I know she’s only published one book but she’s got plenty of time and I see more in her future.