Friday Photos

Balloons over Deakin
There are times I love being up early. This is one of those times. I got to count the hot air balloons over Deakin!


Fell in love with this bookmark some years ago when we were in England. What I didn’t notice at the time were the typos. It seems to be translated from the Arabic so I can understand the one at the bottom but the one at the top is a little more challenging. At the bottom we’ve got ‘Maed in Egypt’ the words ‘made’ and ‘maed’ sound the same and would probably be written the same in Arabic. I can’t explain ‘Mediterran Sea’.

Share Library
Share Library @ DUSA

DUSA is the Deakin University Students Association, they’ve got their own building with a cafe, a women’s room, a mature age student’s club room, mentors and this tiny little library.