Around the traps

Supreme Court Rejects Google Books Appeal

I find this article a little confusing but that may be just me. I think there have been several court cases, each won by Google with this last one being dropped.

This case is about Google scanning in entire libraries of books and making them digitally available and searchable to anyone with the appropriate software i.e. anyone. The publishers were suing Google trying to get them to stop as Google weren’t compensating the publishers or the authors when scanning their works.

Ok, so the case has been dropped and the publishers have stopped shelling out huge sums of money to lawyers. My thoughts? The publishers should monitor the downloads of books and publish the more popular ones.

Original Valley of the Dolls manuscript heads to auction

Happy 50th birthday to Valley of the Dolls! It seems the original typewritten manuscript with corrections is now up for auction in California. They’re estimating between $25,000 and $50,000. I’ll do my best to find out the final price for you.

Did you know ‘dolls’ was slang for drugs? No, neither did I. It seems like an opportune time to add this book to my ever expanding To Be Read Pile.

Shakespeare First Folio Discovered on Isle of Bute, in Time for an Anniversary

Here’s one I must read to completion. Not the book but the article. The book mentioned was published seven years after Shakespeare’s death and includes 18 of his plays that had not been published in his lifetime.

It goes on to talk about cataloguing of private libraries, a topic which has much interest for me. I’d read it now and summarise it for you but I must be out the door.