N is for Julie Nickerson

Pippa’s Perfect Ponytail by Julie Nickerson

It’s that time of week when I head out in the wilds of the internet and find an Australian author. The hunt was exhaustive, I hunted high and low and every bit in between…to be honest all I did was check my spreadsheet and go through all the females of the right letter before I found one of interest. Besides her story what caught my eye was her surname. If you think back to Nancy Drew, her boyfriend was Ned Nickerson, yes, sorry but really shallow today.

Here we go, Julie Nickerson! Someone like me who’s been writing since the year dot, although unlike me she had put pen to paper and you get to see on her About Me page an example of one of her books she wrote when she was young. She went about her business as an adult getting lots of experience in many different types of jobs (and probably collecting lots of stories) until she had children and rediscovered her love for writing. She’s been writing ever since.

As you can see from the photo pictured she has a penchant for alliteration and has carried that through as far as possible with her other books. She writes for young readers of 6+ years and also writes poetry.