M is for Sophie Masson

Sophie Masson is a fascinating writer, she seems to have a wide range of abilities. From fantasy to historical war fiction to non-fictional essays. I found this one and was very impressed with the information and the writing style, very easy to read.

I fell in love with the name of this book hence why you’re getting a photo of it with a link to buy (or not buy as you choose).

Masson is of French extraction having been born in Indonesia of French parents. It seems they love both France and Australia and have spent a lot of time in both countries. I’d suggest this colours her writing and also informs her historical fiction and non-fiction articles.

Here’s another book of hers

It’s part of a series of books about Australian history and she’s written at least three the set of 20. And if you want you can buy the whole lot on Booktopia (I really only include the link so you can look, I’d suggest borrowing from the library), if you click on The Phar Lap Mystery photo and scroll down to the end of the webpage you’ll see all of them.