L is for Ginny Lowndes

You know, there’s always a reason why I pick a person to scribble a few words on, sometimes the reasons don’t make a lot of sense but I have to choose somehow. Lowndes spoke to me, in my mind’s ear she sounds totally ocker as if she’s got a rather strine accent and that just appealed to me this time.

What have I found out about her?

She once wrote a note on an online petition about Australian media, it reminds me we have many problems, one of them is called Rupert Murdoch.

She was a writer for Beauty and the Beast. I always did wonder how they got those problems to answer and it turns out she wrote them.

Lowndes was a writer for Neighbours. She only wrote 24 episodes, and also one episode of Sons and Daughters. While I’ve never seen Neighbours I have seen a lot of Sons and Daughters.

The book in the photo? It’s available for sale on eBay from an American seller who doesn’t ship to Australia. I found that a little interesting. I also wonder how the US go about understanding all the slang we have.