Rabbi Jacob Danglow – John S Levi

Rabbi Jacob Danglow by John S Levi
Rabbi Jacob Danglow by John S Levi

Jacob Danglow was a long-serving Rabbi of St Kilda Hebrew Congregation. Tall, athletic and handsome many people found it hard to believe he was a rabbi. He was an inspirational man , ‘the Rolls Royce rabbi’ to his friends and ‘Anglo Danglow’ to his enemies.

I read this book as part of my research into my synagogue. It helped me understand Melbourne Jewry for the first half of the 20th century and the dynamics between the orthodox and progressive congregations.

I found it fairly readable and very informative. Like all good biographies it gives a good background of the city and congregation at the time and not just what he did as a rabbi and person. Many times I had a slight shock, I’m so used to reading about people from overseas that when I read a book about a person who lived here in Melbourne I get quite a surprise to read a name I know. I probably don’t know the person myself but I’m sure I know their children or grandchildren and it comes as quite a surprise to find that happening.

If you’re wanting to look at Jews in Melbourne then this is a good book to continue the project with.