I is for Tania Ingram

Jinny & Cooper by Tania Ingram

I came across Ingram today and loved Cooper. Cooper is a pet rat who helps Jinny get through things and if you love Cooper as much as I do then you can go to Ingram’s website and down the pattern so your child can have their own Cooper to go with the story.

Looking at her bio on her website she sounds bubbly and dynamic. She’s only been writing for a few years but her books look really good, I found a few pages on this blog, the illustrations are just lovely with rhymes and just enough words to make a good story for a little one.

Which child can’t go past such titles as Dog on a Log? And books with tag lines such as ‘My teacher’s big bad secret’? The fact that she loves Enid Blyton to this day makes me like her without having read her books.

4 thoughts on “I is for Tania Ingram

  1. Tania

    Thank you so much for including my information on your lovely website. I am always very grateful when other writers acknowledge my books and feel very lucky to be included. I just wanted to drop you a line to clear up a small error. Cooper is a pet guinea pig and is one of the central characters in the new Jinny and Cooper series (novels for young readers). The crochet rat pattern on my website is the sweet little rat from my picture book Dog on Log. Again, thank you for your kind words (it really is appreciated) and good luck with your writing ventures.
    Tania 🙂
    PS: You can view a trailer for Jinny and Cooper here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6w3xoS2pxo

    1. mattling


      I’m so impressed you found me. You’re most welcome, good to get these corrections. Maybe you could do a pattern for Cooper and then I’ll be correct?

      Thank you.

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