H is for Traci Harding

Ancient Future: The Dark Ages by Traci Harding
Ancient Future: The Dark Ages by Traci Harding

Harding shows that anything is possible whether you were bad at English at school, a terrible speller and dyslexic it is still possible to write a really good book, or even several really good series of books.

In my stalking of her I found so much about her. She apparently got a D for English in school (I feel much better, I failed it in both year 11 and year 12 – there’s hope for me yet!) she was also a terrible speller and dyslexic to boot but she persevered and to date has written several really good series of books.

Her fans are hardcore, reading her new book from cover to cover in only a day or two totally ignoring the fact they have to work in a few hours or get the housework done. Housework! Whatever is that?

I admit to a mea culpa moment as I’ve never read her books but I have heard some very good things about them from my friends. And she must be good, she cites Star Wars: A New Hope as a good influence on her (I’m not biased) having seen it 10 times while it was in the cinemas the very first time.

Here’s her new book for you to buy, or at the very least to look at the lovely cover art. The Storyteller’s Muse was published three days ago, for once I’m up-to-date.

2 thoughts on “H is for Traci Harding

  1. Jen in Beast Entleigh

    Sorry. I tried to read her books some years ago and found them somewhat illiterate and very “Mary-Sue”-ish.

    1. mattling

      That is interesting. One day I’ll get to her and then I’ll be able to have an informed opinion.

      Also, every author has their blind fans who love them above all else.

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