G is for Kerry Greenwood

Kerry Greenwood, everyone’s heard of Greenwood. She’s the lady who found Phryne Fisher in her subconscious and quickly shared her with everyone else, again, and again, and again before they were found and shared on screen. I’m going to admit I’ve never read a Greenwood book but before but I’m sure it will happen. I have seen some of the TV series and they are beautifully done with great attention to detail.

Before I give you some links for her books I’ll share my two Greenwood moments. They’re very small moments but I shall treasure them just because.

One of my all time loves is wooden furniture, if it’s old and beautifully made I’m in absolute heaven. One day I hope to have the money to replace my cheap stuff with proper furniture. I was in a furniture shop nearish to me trying to find exactly the right springs and someone to fix my couch, this all happened but while I was there talking and drooling over the oh-so-fabulous furniture the man gently mentioned he was repairing one of the pieces of furniture from the Phryne Fisher TV series. Yes, I saw it from afar and I covet it!

The other Greenwood moment is when I was the chauffeur for a young person and ended up talking to the Wizard who lives with Greenwood. I didn’t know who he was until much later.

Let me now be a little mercenary and give you some links to a couple of Greenwood’s books.

A Phryne Fisher Mystery: Cocaine Blues  The first book in the Phryne Fisher Mysteries, just because you should start at the very beginning.

The Deadly Flu and here’s a bit of history for 9+ year olds.