F is for Mem Fox

Who else would I write about for F? Actually, there is Jackie French but I think Fox is more appropriate.

Born 1946 with rather interesting ideas and now semi-retired. Her first book, Possum Magic, was written in 1978 but it took five years and several publishers before someone in Omnibus Books in Adelaide finally saw the potential and the rest is history.

Fox’s husband is (or was) in teaching while their own child has been in politics in South Australia leaving Fox and husband to help raise their grandchild. I can think of worse problems than having to help raise a grandchild but it can get wearing and doesn’t get easier as you get older.

I like how Drop Bear Theatre can stage a production of The Magic Hat for you, they have it all ready to go so long as you can throw money at them. I find it rather funny how they’ve named their theatre after a very Australian joke.

You need to buy her books for your child/grandchild/inner child so I’ve chosen Possum Magic for you, it’s a mini edition but it’s the cheapest I could find. It’s about your hip pocket nerve rather than my affiliate fees. Possum Magic Mini Edition 30th Anniversary.

Fox has delighted generations of children with her books, DD 1 and 2 both loved them when they were little.