D is for Ursula Dubosarsky

Game of the Goose by Ursula Dubosarsky
Game of the Goose by Ursula Dubosarsky

While I haven’t read Ursula Dubosarsky I have been fascinated by her ever since I came across one of her books in the op shop. It’s a natural progression from there to writing about her today.

Being born in 1961 makes her a young chick but she’s packed a lot of writing into her years having written 40+ books. She comes from a writing lineage and has wanted to write since the age of 6!

Dubosarsky has received many awards both international and Australian including being inducted into Speech Pathology Australia’s Hall of Fame for her contribution to children’s literature. I note in her biography on her blog that she’s concentrated on two of my favourite authors for her PhD thesis; Mary Norton and Rumer Goden.

I loved this quote

”You hope it hits the spot and you use your skills and instincts to reach out to the unknown child but it’s hard to know where a book will go.”

from the SMH Entertainment section. It encompasses all writing and will be my mantra from now on. “You hope it hits the spot…” is exactly what I feel writing is about.

You’ll find she’s created a series of books with Terry Denton called The Cryptic Casebooks and some lovely looking alliteration with Ava Adds, Rory Rides and Violet Vanishes.

And some links. I found her Pinterest page and as I couldn’t decide which books to link to I’m linking to the entire search on Booktopia, it’s only 40 books.