Yass, NSW

An apology for not writing Friday photos last Friday but I went back to bed with a migraine.

This is the very last article about my travels to and from Sydney for the Book Expo. My first stop on my way home was a place called Yass, it’s quite a big town with a really good history and also in the surrounding areas. Yass was first seen in 1821 by Hamilton Hume after whom the Hume Highway is named, it was settled nine years later.

If you travel 54 km south west of Yass you get to a place called Wee Jasper which has lots of fossils of prehistoric origin. These fossils and the names abounding in the area are just a reminder of how old this country is and how long ago it was settled by the Indigenous people.

This is the wombat I'm happy to have climbing my leg
This is the wombat I’m happy to have climbing my leg
Library in Yass
Library in Yass

Loved this library, it’s just a most beautiful building.

Williamson Building
Williamson Building

This was built 30 years after settlement. I’m sure there are earlier buildings but I didn’t look very hard.

Winns Creek Honey
Wins Creek Honey

I fell in love with the produce on show in the Information Centre. Lots of lovely looking honey products including beautifully made candles.