C is for Isobelle Carmody

I apologise up front but I’m having issues with links so I can’t link to any of Carmody’s books today, I hope to have it sorted by Friday.

Isobelle Carmody, author of the hugely successful Obernewtyn series is one of the all-time greats of Australian authors. She first started writing when she was 14 and her book was accepted by the first publisher she submitted to, this is something that rarely happens.

Currently in Australia, I know this as I saw photos of a promotion by Ford Street Publishing recently and she was in them. I say ‘currently’ as she divides her time between her two homes, one in Australia and the other in the Czech Republic.

After many years she’s finally completed the last book of the Obernewtyn series having brought joy to many. One young lady was devastated to realise she wouldn’t be able to finish the last book as she was dying of cancer so her mother spoke to Carmody who read parts of it over Skype, the Red Queen is dedicated to the young lady who died before the book could be finished.

Carmody has either won or been shortlisted for many awards including Aurealis, the Ditmars and the Children’s Book Council of Australia.

She runs writing workshops for Write Around the Murray as well as other writing festivals. If you want to engage her services just google Ford Street Publishing and contact them.