Book Expo 2015: Publishers

There were several publishers available at the Book Expo. I’ve showcased ASIM before and would have happily done so again but I didn’t think to take photos of them. There was also a shelf display for another publisher but without someone there to talk to I didn’t get around to taking a photo, Australian eBook Publisher might possibly be their name.

Busy Bird
Busy Bird

Yes, I spoke to Busy Bird. They were busy trying to sell their books and their services as they publish a handful of titles a year and also help authors publish their own books. Lovely people.

Odyssey Books
Odyssey Books

I found Odyssey Books interesting. Michelle just assumed I’d want a photo of her authors and tried to wave them forward (you can see two of them in the background) but I’d decided this photo was about the publisher so I made her come forward. I can’t help myself and was talking to someone while getting some food, as I sat down to eat I was greeted by Sue Parritt (an author published by Odyssey Books) who took my card and made certain they knew about me at their stand. Lovely people all round, they create beautiful bookmarks, business cards or coasters using the covers of their books. You can see it’s a lovely idea and I can just see people wanting to collect the lot.

Odyssey Books paraphenalia

2 thoughts on “Book Expo 2015: Publishers

  1. Deborah

    Thanks again for sharing Suzie… I haven’t heard of those publishers so it’s great it wasn’t just the big publishing houses there!

    1. mattling

      And that illustrates why we need the Book Expo, we need to ensure smaller publishing houses are brought to the forefront and that authors know there are other options.

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