Book Expo 2015 – final bits

There are a couple of people who don’t fit into any category so they get an article to themselves with a few final words.

Digital Dreaming
Digital Dreaming by R. L. Black

I was originally attracted by the typewriter, it’s a thing of sheer beauty and such amazing engineering but then I stood and listened to Black tell the story of his book and what’s inside it, my jaw dropped. This isn’t your normal kind of information book on how to organise your family mementos, Digital Dreaming is the kind of book you’ll refer to again and again. Basically it guides you to how to store the information behind all the family heirlooms you have stuffed within the cupboards of your house, the ones your family is likely to forget as people don’t remember the same things and don’t have eidetic memories.

You can buy it here at vast expense or at Balboa Press for more reasonable prices.

Write a book
Write a book in a day

This delightful stall was raising awareness for their programme to Write-a-Book-in-a-Day, a competition to help fund childhood cancer research. It sounds like a lovely project and at the end you have a book to show everyone as well as the chance to win some great prizes. The way it works is on the appointed day you and your team are given some ideas and have 12 hours to write a book using those ideas, not just a digital book but a bound copy which is then submitted to the State Children’s Hospital Library. Look for more details here.

And that’s all I have for the Book Expo from 2015, apart from the rest of the authors which I’ll continue using for Friday Photos. I did visit some country towns on my travels and I’ll highlight one a week over the next few weeks but I’ll also get stuck into some book reviews as I now have a few books sitting waiting patiently for me to write about them.