Here we go, some acronyms for those collecting them.

SAC is School Assessed Schoolwork, but you’ve seen me use it before. I had two of these yesterday, one in each subject and my brain is officially dead…the doctor will pronounce me when he gets round to it. I studied hard the whole long weekend and then wrote three pages for each SAC but after each one I took a few minutes break, read it through and then copied it out neatly with changes. My apologies to the trees.

Tomorrow is the GAT or General Achievement Test. It’s a test everyone doing at least one VCE subject must do and we’re told not to worry about it and not to study for it, I’m sure some people do. It covers a multitude of subjects and as Maths and I are not good friends I’m planning on taking the laid back approach to those multiple choice questions. The English ones will be exciting and the science ones I’ll do what I can. What we are told is that if something happens and we’re not able to sit our exams at the end of the year then this GAT will count for something towards that exam. Not sure how that works as the marks don’t count for anything else but that’s not my problem.

What all this means for you, the reader? You get nothing important today as I wrote this last night before scurrying off to bed with a dead brain. Good night or good morning or something…don’t confuse me.