Update number whatever

Today I’m apologising.

My webhost had a server problem last Thursday and when they got everything working again they restored everyone’s website back to their latest backup from Thursday. I was in the middle of doing a backup of my own as I don’t rely on my webhost, I’ve heard too many horror stories about people losing an entire year’s worth of work because the webhost was unreliable about backups. It’s a pity my backup didn’t work.

Anyone who gets their update of this website by email would have received Friday’s article with photos of Dymocks in Prahran and if you’d then come here you would have found it missing.

What have I lost?

One Friday Photos from last Friday and emails sent to me on Friday, I did manage to get my morning emails but nothing after that until Saturday. I can’t help but wonder if there were any emails sent to me on Thursday wandering around in cyberspace never to be released to me.

What has this taught me?

I have a good webhost who actually does daily backups as they promise.

Maybe I should consider saving some of my longer and more involved articles on my computer before I put them on my blog. Not sure about that one, it’s quite a bit more work but I’ll consider it.

Moving forward

I’m planning on repeating Friday Photos this Friday, just because and for no other reason.

I’ll follow up the one email I know has gone missing and reply to any others that appear.

I’ll also endeavour to do backups more regularly but this will depend on our download limit as we’re really close to that this month.

I’m not going to lose any sleep about this as in the general scheme of things it’s a terribly minor glitch

4 thoughts on “Update number whatever

    1. mattling

      Nodding vigorously here. Pity I didn’t have a more recent backup but there are worse things in the world.

    1. mattling

      It’s a very good reminder to back up. I gather you’re one of the people who actually saw the photos last Friday. I’m going to start my backup procedures after I’ve scribbled a few words for today. I know I’ve been doing the wrong thing in waiting but somehow we’ve been very close to our download limit last month and we were all being very careful as none of us wants to be shaped.

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