The Astor Theatre

Yesterday we visited The Astor Theatre in Windsor for what is likely to be the last time. We saw Lawrence of Arabia and while it was a fabulous movie, with stunning scenery and great acting it’s not what’s really important to me today.

The Astor was first opened in April 1936. They did some absolutely beautiful work with the building and it became an institution, but all good things come to an end and it closes in a few days. You can read more on The Astor’s page about Friends of The Astor.

As it’s a heritage building the structure can’t be knocked down but the company that leases the building and provides us with movies in all sorts of formats will close. They have around 600 movies in their collection and with only one movie showing at a time attending a movie there is an event rather than just something to do.  They’ve shown old movies and new movies and you could even hire out the area to show a movie of your choice (so long as they have it in their collection), a friend did exactly that and showed us Casablanca for his birthday…it was wonderful.

Now come some photos I’ve taken and if you want more you need to visit their website as they have many more and better photos.

Some of the most beautiful cornices they have. I admire and love how they’ve taken the time to paint them so carefully, that’s hours and hours of work in there.
Foyer balcony
This is looking up from the foyer to the balcony. There are some stairs you need to climb to get to this before going through the inner foyer, past the food selling area (I’m sure there’s a name for it) before being ushered into the theatre itself. Everything is lush and gorgeous.
One of the lights they have. Just beautiful!
Rocky Horror
They have decorated some of the foyer with photos and posters. I really want this photo taken from Rocky Horror Picture Show, I suspect I’d have to queue or pay heaps to get it.


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    1. mattling

      It’s a fabulous theatre. The photos really don’t do it justice. And I never mentioned the cat who used to live there and would occasionally jump onto people’s laps during screenings.

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