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This is a time when many bloggers write about their year to summarise  how they’ve gone and the only one I can find quickly is Deb who’s done her favourite novels of 2014. I would have liked to have found a couple of lifestyle blogs and more book blogs but this is it for today. Funnily enough I don’t have much time. I don’t get what it is about this time of year but things get incredibly busy even for people who don’t actually celebrate Christmas…very strange. I currently have two days to get a million and one things done and that includes writing eight or nine articles, these may or may not get done so articles may become a bit sparse until the new year. We do have a treat to look forward to on the 30th December as Karen has been kind enough to write a Mondayitis for me.

Looking back to the past year.

I was given a ticket to a book conference in Sydney by Penguin Random House.

Had an awesome time at said book conference, pity it was only one day.

The follow up to that book conference was the beginning of an organisation called Book Bloggers Australia, we have a directory and a forum.

Lots of book reviews and as I don’t notate them in an easily countable place I’m not going to figure out how many.

Lots of fabulous books. This includes reviewing for publishers whereby they send me ebooks and I write what I think about them. I recently received a print copy of Angels of Death by Emily Webb which I’ll take on holidays with me.

Lots of proofreading for friends. I wonder at what point I should start pretending to be professional and start charging for it.

Lots of lovely new friends.

Corrupting people’s taste buds with Ginger Ale. I’ve had some horrible markets I shouldn’t have bothered getting out of bed for and others I wish I’d taken more stock.

Working hard on my SendOutCards business. I’ve been doing business expos and doing a lot of talking. Finding out about other people’s businesses is exciting work.

Then add in keeping up with family and friends, I’ve had a busy year. I don’t put much about my family here but they’re all getting older…challenging as I’m still 18.


Please have a safe time these holidays. I’ve seen some absolutely stupid driving on the roads already, I keep wondering why we’ve had so few accidents but I know that will change. Do your best to have defensive driving and watch out for idiots who only drive a few times a year, or people who don’t know their road rules, or others who forget they’re not the only one in a hurry.

If you see someone texting and driving I suggest you toot them loudly to bring their eyes back on the road.

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  1. Deborah

    Hey, thanks for the shout out! NBBF was definitely a turning point for me this year, igniting my interest in book blogging and introducing me to so many new people and opportunities. For that I am truly grateful.

    Have a great holiday season and will catch you in the new year.


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