C is for Michael G Coney

In this third episode of male science fiction writers in alphabetical order I’m looking at Michael G Coney. Never heard of him? That’s not my problem. He embodies the idea that you don’t need to be a science person in order to write good science fiction, Coney started his working life as an accountant.

He’s only written a handful of novels but many short stories have come from his fingers and so many of them have been published in anthologies. His first novel, Mirror Image, reminds me somewhat of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick. In Mirror Image you have amorphs who are so good at passing as humans they think they really are human.

In looking for a ‘C’ author I pulled these three anthologies from my shelf yesterday and discovered Coney has a short story in all of them. If the list on Wikipedia is correct he’s written almost 70 short stories and had most of them published.

New Writings in SF 15, 17 and 19 edited by John Carnell

New Writings in SF 15, 17 and 19 edited by John Carnell

A writer to challenge people’s ideas, it’s good his skill was recognised before he died in 2005. He’s received a British Science Fiction Association Award for Brontomek, a Best Novelette Nebula Award and five Prix Aurora Award Nominations. Previous winners for the Nebula are Isaac Asimov so he would have received stiff competition.

Someone must think he’s important enough as today three of his novels are being published in a new publication. You can buy it here while Angus & Robertson have a number of his novels in epub form, here is Syzygy and Fang, the Gnome.

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