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I’m running a little late on my own personal timeline today as I’ve started and abandoned several different ideas for this blog. Instead of any of those I’m looking around the web to see what’s news or not.

Mills & Boon is going a little feminist. While I don’t give two hoots as M&B will do what they do and sell heaps of books doing it I did find the comments rather amusing. Some thought(less or ful) person has imagine the scene at the editor’s office and some man just wants more romance…so much for romance being only for women.

Pottermore news. Rowling is working on a new book and surprise, surprise, she even drinks occasionally! She’s also going to be publishing a 1,700 Potterverse short story on Pottermore for Halloween.

Adobe addresses privacy concerns. Apparently readers information was being transmitted back to Adobe in clear, unencrypted text and this is now being fixed. I don’t think they’ve addressed the need for the data and whether it’s being deleted once collated but one step at a time.

Harlequin is now a class action. Things move very slowly in the law-type world. Some authors are sueing Harlequin for unpaid royalties, this started two years ago and it has finally moved one step forward and has been described as a class action. Does this mean anything? Don’t know as I’m not versed in lawyer-speak. Will this move the lawsuit any faster? Probably not.

I really, really want one of these, I’ve even subscribed to updates in the hopes I’ll be able to afford an early edition. I really miss typing on a manual typewriter and I suspect I’ll never be able to use one again as my touch is so light now I’m sure the keys would never hit the paper so this is the best of both worlds with connectivity and a tactile keyboard. 

For those young people who’ve never used a manual typewriter. I was never terribly good and only got good once I moved to an electric typewriter and even better once I made the transition to a computer, you need strong fingers to strike the keys quickly on a manual as it’s the strength of your strike that move the hammers to hit the paper through the ribbon and the stronger your strike the clearer your typing becomes, if you don’t strike it strongly enough it’s likely the hammer won’t connect at all but the carriage moves on one space anyway. Carriage? Hammer? That’s an article for another day.

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  1. Deb

    It’s been a couple of decades or more since I’ve read a Mills & Boon but I’m kinda intrigued so thanks for flagging.


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