Affiliate Marketing

Some of you have noticed I’ve added affiliate marketing into this blog. It’s interesting how I’ve come full circle from using this blog to support selling on this website to now selling books to support the blog.

For those new to this story this is what happened.

I started selling pre-loved books on eBay, 2006 I decided I wanted my own website so I commissioned one. Some might say it wasn’t the smartest move but I wasn’t really website savvy and only picked up enough information to make my own after discovering WordPress wasn’t really that hard. 2009 I decided the website needed some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) support and started a blog. The original one is out there somewhere in the ether but every article was imported here. The writing was rather raw and I had little idea of what I was doing but thanks to some business coaching I had a cache of ideas for articles. That cache expanded and I’m rarely stuck for ideas.

A couple of years later I’d had enough of having a blog and a commercial website, the blog was starting to do better than the selling of books and I gradually came around to the idea of wanting to write more than wanting to sell. My books all found new homes…somewhere other than my garage and I started trying to concentrate more on writing and doing little things here in my little home. I still have some part-work magazines here and if there’s something you want please ask and I’ll see if I have it, readers will receive a discount or free postage.

I’ve changed the theme on occasion and am wondering if it’s time to do so again. Every home needs a face lift from time to time and it’s something I’m thinking about here. I need to somehow change the header so it doesn’t show me as selling pre-loved books, I’m getting bored with the layout and there is the odd thing I want to do that just doesn’t work the way I want it to. Maybe it’s time to pay someone so I get what I want and need. Something new and funky maybe with that old style look of sitting down with a book and a cuppa of something soothing.

I’m also looking at my age and wondering at what stage I’ll ‘retire’ from paid work so as to be able to go on trips with the OH. If you’re going to ask my age, don’t bother as the answer you’ll get is 18, don’t care if you ask me 20 times you’ll still get the same answer just like the guy at the market last Saturday, he didn’t give up but neither did I. In order to ‘retire’ I’m trying to create an income that happens even when I’m not at home.


What I’m leading to in a very round-about way is a disclaimer. Recently I instituted affiliate marketing, I know some people have noticed as I’ve seen the clicks happening, basically, if you click on one of my links and buy at that website I will receive a percentage. I will take care to only link to books I recommend, if I don’t recommend it I won’t link to it. There may possibly be other items, I’m considering if I’ll request affiliation with one or more travel companies but I’m not entirely happy with the companies I’ve seen. To make it fairly obvious from now on I’ll put a little comment at the end of the article to show you where you’re going.