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Robin Williams was one of our most-loved performers, he was versatile and has managed to turn his hand (voice?) to so many different types of movies. He first came to my notice in the late ’70s with Mork and Mindy where he played an alien with some insightful thoughts on humans. After a while of playing Mork the producers left gaps in the script with directions such as ‘Mork can go off here’ leaving Williams to do whatever he felt appropriate or funny and it was generally both.

In 1979 during the height of Mork and Mindy (and also while Williams was doing so many things, if you check out his IMDB page you’ll see he was very busy during the Mork and Mindy years) he put out a record called ‘reality…what a concept’ which is some of his stand up. I bought it and listened to it a few times, he was brilliant, totally brilliant. If you look at the front cover

Front coveryou see a young, cute man. This is one of the few times it doesn’t show but all other photos of him where he’s not in character I see a sadness in his eyes, it’s been there for so many years and I always wondered about it. Now I will wonder no more and that sadness has now gone as he is at peace.

There are people out there you can talk to if you’re suffering depression or considering suicide. These are the organisations in Australia, if you’re in another country please google.

Beyond Blue 1300 22 4636

Lifeline 13 11 14

Suicide Prevention there are several phone numbers here

Here are a couple of book which include depression and suicide. Please read them as they may help you make some decisions. Dear Fatty by Dawn French whose father committed suicide and contains pages of unanswered questions. One Flew Into The Cuckoo’s Egg by Bill Oddie contains some description of depression.

Before I sign off I want to show you the rest of the record, just because I can.

Inside left


With the inside photos you get to see him dressed up as his characters as he depicts with his voice. That’s one of the brilliant things about having just audio you don’t have to see the visuals, you get to concentrate on the voice alone.

Inside right

Back Cover

And the back? That’s my favourite part as you get a little bit of so much including a little duck whose name I don’t recall.

My heart goes out to Robin Williams’ family and friends, they must be hurting now in ways I can’t quite imagine.

Tomorrow we return to our regularly unscheduled programme.

2 thoughts on “Vale Robin Williams

  1. TashWord

    Hi Suzie, I also remember Robin Williams as Mork – and love the picture you have here as it does show him as relaxed and cute.

    I am very sad at his death, especially that he felt he couldn’t cope anymore. Such a tragedy that he helped so many others laugh and feel better but no one was able to do so for him when he needed it. RIP Robin.

    1. mattling

      We should remember the lessons he gave us in each and every movie, most especially his observations of humans at the end of each episode of Mork and Mindy. Very insightful.

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