National Book Bloggers Forum 2014

Today I’m on the way home to Melbourne after a very exciting day spent at Random House in Sydney. It was a wonderful day, I had a blast, made some new friends and thanks to Penguin Random House exceeded my baggage allowance for my flight. This is a photo of my loot.



They did what any self-respecting organiser of conferences does nowadays and had free wifi for everyone on site encouraging us to tweet as much as we liked. It was fascinating to follow the hash during the day. I’ve been to ProBlogger blogging conferences and I’ve been to Digital Parents Conferences as well as Nuffnang conferences but this was the first one where I felt able to follow along with the Twitter stream. It was incredible! I’ll give you an overview today and go into more detail using the Twitter stream to remind me.

Our opening address was by Brett Osmond, the director of Random House Australia’s Marketing and Publicity Department. He started by talking about the books he’s been reading.

He was followed by Eva Bui and Ellie Morrow who talked about improving SEO, Google Analytics and promoting your blog. This was packed full of information and I only hope I can reproduce enough of it. I was intrigued by our expectations, some of us thought the digital gurus should be male but these two people we’re drop dead gorgeous females…what stereotypes.

Sneh Roy won the 2013 Best Australian Blog Competition, she came in and talked about her journey. Her blog is about cooking and it came to no surprise to find morning tea included a beautiful burnt butter slice made in an oven in her back yard…very bad for the waistline.

Various Penguin Random House publishers were very enthusiastic about the books they’re most excited to publish this year. I’ll name drop in a future article.

Judy Lynn was our surprise guest author, we had no idea until she came through the door, she began her presentation with a video narrated by her husband, Bruce Venables. I was chuffed as I’ve seen both of them on TV and was almost as close to her as I could possibly be.

New author, Bruce McCabe, spoke about his journey to being published by Random House. I look forward to reading his book, either it’s incredibly good or he’s just incredibly lucky.

Random House Australia’s Managing Editor, Brandon VanOver, shared some inside secrets to getting published. I felt this was a letdown, I could easily have listened to him for another hour, he spoke so fast and in shorthand in order to get it all in.

I enjoyed each presenter but I felt the time passed far too quickly. The whole day felt like two hours but the clock assured me I’d been there from 9 am till 5 pm.

2 thoughts on “National Book Bloggers Forum 2014

  1. Persephone

    Hi Suzie,

    Great to meet you (briefly) at #NBBF!4 yesterday. Thought it was a really inspiring day – such a talented group of readers and writers. Only problem is, now I can’t decide what to read next. How about you?

    1. mattling

      It was lovely to meet you. Yes, there really wasn’t enough time for indepth discussion with everyone. It was a fantastic day, I’m just about to write some more words about it.

      After finishing my book about David Bowie last night I picked up the book by Steve Sailah this morning.

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