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I’m starting off this thought with vale to Nick Cardy. Comic book illustrator Cardy died on the 3rd of November at the grand young age of 93. He was closely identified with Aquaman and the first iteration of Teen Titans. He will be missed. Condolences go to the family and friends.

While we’re talking illustrators I’m going to link to my friend Lee’s blog. He has some talent for drawing and some of the words the come out of the mouths of his illustrations can be very funny.

I don’t do poetry but I understand how important it is to the world of literature. I have read the odd poem and even studied it but never found it to my liking. Today this article crossed my computer and it seems to be a good introduction to poetry for people like me to help them be able to discuss it with others at a really basic level.

Orbit publishing are promoting some voting on GoodReads. If you’ve read these books then I suggest you get on over to here and vote to your heart’s content. Actually, I lied, the first link shows the books published by Orbit which are available to be voted on while this link is the GoodReads voting link. Voting in this first round finishes on the 9th of November which isn’t far away so get your voting shoes on!

Last but not least is the Doctor Who Pop-Up Shop! Having been to both Brisbane and Sydney it’s finally coming to Melbourne. Opening at 9am at Shop 2, 177 Bridge Road, Richmond, the first 20 people in Doctor Who cosplay who manifest there this Saturday, the 9th of November will receive a small gift.

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