Mondayitis: K13

They call me K13 and they send me whenever Maxwell Smart (Secret Agent 86) needs someone sensible to keep him out of trouble. My real name is Fang and it’s much more suitable, K13 pfftt what a name.

Max can be a really nice guy but he’s so stupid, couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag and so sometimes I try to lead the way but he just tells me off. Leaving the room when people are trying to shoot you is much more sensible but he just can’t see that and tries to shoot back.



That’s me there, on the front cover. I’m a good looking dog with a bit of meat on my bones but Max is just skin and bone. You can see he’s got his gun out again and I’ve taken the lead (so to speak) and tied him up in knots so he can’t go anywhere and do something stupid. There was something about ping pong balls, great to chase but horrible when Max gets hold of them…on the other hand, most things are horrible when Max gets there. He’s got a knack for changing the best events into the worst. I don’t know why I stay.